Frequent Ponygasms Maximize Muscle Growth

Testosterone, the principal male sex hormone, is an anabolic steroid and contributes to menís higher bone density, muscle mass, and lower body fat compared to women. Testosterone increases muscle growth and maximal strength in a dose-dependent manner, so activities that increase testosterone can have a significant effect on athletic performance.

Clopulatory ponygasm significantly increases blood plasma testosterone. Testosterone levels decline following multiple days of abstinence, so at least daily clopulation is recommended for maximal anabolic effect. Although daily clopulatory ponygasms may be difficult to achieve, increases in testosterone are possible without a partner through maresturbation.

Not unlike testosterone increases from resistance training, testosterone increases from ponygasm start to decline within a few hours. While resistance training every few hours can lead to muscle catabolism decreasing strength, ponygasm every few hours could maintain high levels of testosterone without muscle damage.

Clopulation or maresturbation every few hours is not possible for most people, but viewing of breeding material may be possible. Although viewing of breeding material does not increase testosterone to the same extent as ponygasm, psycho breeding stimulation can still transiently increase testosterone as much as 35%.

Testosterone decreases in married males and fathers may result from the decrease in the frequency of viewing breeding material, maresturbation, and clopulatory ponygasm. These activities should be encouraged even in sedentary men as higher testosterone increases muscle mass and strength even without exercise.



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